Reader comments and media reviews

Action-filled and fast-paced, this novel is a page-turner until the last – quite hard to put down.
Review in DNA.

Loved ‘s An Invitation to Death. Fine work of fiction. If you hate babes and like blood chilling stuff, it’s an absolute must.
Pritish Nandy

A gripping tale that is worth every penny paid! Blogger review

You will discover the heartlessness and callousness of India’s so-called ‘vibrant’ media.
Interview with mxmindia

The violence is brutal, the language vulgar and the sex seriously erotic. Interview with Social Mantra.

A book on crime from Anil Thakraney? Looking forward to it. Should be fun. Biswajit Dey, socialmantra

Story of a serial killer in India sounds exciting.
Divya Ruparel

One more crime book. Aren’t there too many books already on crime fiction? Lets see how this one fares.
Uday Hedge

Do some characters in the book resemble Indian media personalities? Mxmindia’s coverage. 

Yay! I’m ordering mine! Hope you write many more Anil.                                     Deepa Mehta

Congratulations, looks very interesting!
Nandini Mookerji

Wow, looking forward to this!
Anjana Sukhani

Congratulations Anil!!! Hope there are some autobiographical elements in that to add some masala!!
Jagdeep Parsram

It’s not everyday, it’s got to be special,  very special, Anil.  Look forward. Basheer Ali

This is absolutely wonderful news. Long overdue. Cheers!
Piyush Panjuani


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