About me

anil thakraney

After getting my masters degree in business management, I joined the advertising industry, and had a memorable time creating ads for agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, J Walter Thompson and Lowe Lintas. Having picked up a few awards (and hangovers from the many pub crawls), I was bitten by the journalism bug. And in association with the Mid Day group, launched The Brief, a red-hot mag that for six years was the final word on the advertising world.

Thereafter I felt the urge to fry bigger fish, and dived into the sea of mass journalism. Working at Mid Day and then Mumbai Mirror, I conducted many engaging interviews with the nation’s high and mighty. And wrote hundreds of acidic columns, which, apart from winning a few prizes, turned me into Celebrity Enemy Number One. A title I am proud of.

Happily, I now sail both the boats swimmingly. I continue to dabble in advertising as a freelancer, and have been contributing to media brands such as WARC, GQ, Outlook, Vogue and others.

And now comes my first book. Am back to square one, as I get ready for a brand new ride. A ride I am hoping to enjoy immensely. Along with you.

Contact me: anil.thakraney@gmail.com




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